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I've just realised that the spare Fireblade lower yoke / steering stem I have here is for (I believe) a '98/99 model. As I have a '93, it's no good to me. I've just done a search and it seems the part is currently unavailable over the counter - I'd therefore imagine that it could be of serious use to someone. It's brand new and still in its wrapping - part number: 53219-MAS-E00

Now - the price from David Silver is given as £265.38 / $327.35 / €304.61

I'm not looking for as much as that, indeed, I'd rather not involve cash at all - what I'd like is to swap it for a good condition '93 (flat) radiator, or p-ex it against a no-so-good rad with a decent surround that could be re-cored.

Likewise, I'd also consider a p-ex on an unadulterated '93 rear fender!
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