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When Lumenflex first released the LightRider 'Rechargeable' LED Helmet Light, several riders said they didn't like the idea of carrying a battery back.

Connecting the light directly to the motorcycle's battery for power seemed like a simple solution, but the issue was making sure that the rider didn't stay connected to the bike if something went wrong.

Once we found that solution, we released the LightRider 'PowerLink' that uses an adapter to power the light when the rider gets on the bike and breaks the connection when the rider steps off.

Not having to include the li-ion battery with the light also helped us bring the price down. Here's a link to the version with white and red LEDs:

If you are upset about my promoting LightRider in the forum, I accept your criticism. It's still about visibility and saving lives. Lumenflex has spent advertising dollars on, but sometimes it also takes a bit of "gorilla marketing" to get the word out.
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