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Well I had a wild hair to change my pipe for the third time. This time I went with an M4 gp exhaust for an R6. I had a Hindle full system, which I liked but it was quiet and I wanted to change the look a little. So I had the Hindle midpipe cut at a muffler shop and the slip on welded. I than sprayed the midpipe black with high temp paint.

The bad thing when going to a full system is you are running straight pipe without a can. The M4 gp exhaust for the R6 has no baffle, so needless to say it was way too loud. Since I couldn't rest until I competed my little project, I gutted the Hindle and removed the core and packing from it. I than cut the core to be a little shorter than the pipe and rolled the core a little tighter. Once this was done I wrapped the core and inserted it into the pipe. The fit is tight so I didn't have to create a hole to secure the homemade baffle.

All in all I like what I have except for the hanger, but other than that I'm satisfied. Just thought I'd share.


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