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I needed a new set of quality speakers for my office PC, especially after buying the SoundBlaster Audigy external sound card for my notebook last week. I've been running some Cambridge SoundWorks cubes with a small sub that are okay, but when I'm at the office at night or on the weekends I like to crank up the tunes a bit - okay, a lot!

Anyway, after reading a bunch of reviews I was going to try to find some of the Monsoon Planar Media 9's, a 2.1 system for around $110.00 or so. I went to CompUSA tonight but they didn't have them, and their system was down for demo'ing any of their speaker systems, which sucked. This kid salesman said I really should try these EV Sonic XS speakers they had. He said he saw them at some PC Gamer convention and was blown away by them. Apparently EV has made speakers for many years for concert venues, studio monitors, etc. I figured they couldn't be any good since they were so cheap, but since I needed some new ones at home too, I decided for the price they were worth a shot.

When I got home I did some research on the web and was surprised to find these are one of the highest rated 2.1 speakers on the market (2.1 being two satellites with a subwoofer). All of the reviewers were blown away by them, although they said at $199.00 they were a little expensive.

Guess how much they were at CompUSA? FIFTY-FOUR BUCKS! And they sound INCREDIBLE! I am blown away by these suckers. If you can find some at your CompUSA for that price, I highly recommend you snag some. They are freaking awesome, especially for that price!
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