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. . . Once Mr Musk has put a chip in our brains and we have Huawei 10G networks we will not need NBCSN or BT Sport: . . .
Sorry to bring doom and gloom on this Sunday night.

As a generally positive person, I hereby destroy that image and predict that we will not get anywhere near 10G networks. Coronavirus will wipe us all out way before that.

I'm going to start a 'Coronavirus Sale' for some of my bikes to finance 2 places on Sir Richard Branson's next inter-galactic flight with the proviso that I get dropped off somewhere along the way. That'll show 'em how I'm up there for thinking and always ahead of the bunch.

Just about to jump on to Instagram to see if Caitlin Jenner or one of those Love Island girls might want to have my 2nd seat! 😎
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