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Metzeler Sportec M-3 tyres?

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I am still looking around for a new set of rubber for my 98 RR-W Blade for next spring and I see that Metzeler do the Sportec M-3's in my sizes.

Has anyone tried these tyres on any bike that they have owned?
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Had them on my 954 a while back thought they were good.They turned in well and were stable,lasted better than the BT-014s i had before them-good tyres:thumb:
I'm running them on my 929 now. I ran M1's before that, and the M3s seem to be a better tire. They are wearing well, grip well even in the cold, and slide very progressively when pushed hard.

You can't really go wrong with any modern sport tire. Tires, oil, fuel grade, it's all up to the individual... everyone's got an opinion.
I have been running them on my 954 for a couple seasons now and love them.
Thanks for all your input guys!

I have ordered my M3's and got a great price from my local Yamaha dealer - £179.00 inc VAT for a pair fitted to loose wheels!!

What a bargain, he said Metzeler are doing special deals in December :thumb:
What a bargain, he said Metzeler are doing special deals in December :thumb:
:( Typical...

I had the RoadTec's fitted to my CBR400 a few months back.. I love them..

Mine cost me £229 but the wheels were still on my bike at the time, not loose.. Still not too bad though especially when you consider I got almost 5000 miles out of the previous set of Metzelers and these are doing great as well..
I had owned m1 n m3 on all three of my liter bikes bit I prefer my double compound bridgestones.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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