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I have a kid on the way and a lot of the toys have to go so instead of selling the bike completely i'm going to try to just sell some of the goodies

the kit includes everything you need
bottle and mount
nozzle and mounting nut
pc hub
map switch
all the lines are braided stainless steel lines
jets for 15,30,40 hp and bike made exactly those numbers on the dyno and have graphs
it came off my 929 but as long as you have a power commander you can put it on your bike
the setup is super trick and very nice and really don't want to sell any of the stuff off my bike but i got to so price is $400 firm plus shipping but i'm sure i could get it all into a flat rate box usps

i really have a hard time getting on any forums anymore just because i have no time so honestly the best way to contact me is email [email protected] but i will do my best to check this thread as much as i can let me know if i can answer any questions
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