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CBR1000RR MotoConNews - First Impressions article

For those that get Motorcycle Consumer News, they have a 'First Impressions' article on the bike. It's interesting.

The editor also dedicated his editorial to it as well. Apperently a very impressive machine.

Some of the interesting tidbits:
* Euro info on the bikes that have to meet stricter standards than we do indicated 169 HP (meets Euro 2 spec). They asserted the the US bikes would be measureable more powerful.

* New BT014 hides are supposed to be pretty nice. They also debut the new BT002 track tires (unfortuantly nothing emperical to report)

* HSED made the bike super stable. Took any wag or squirliness out, making for rock-solid handling.

* Honda narrowed the valve angle from 25 -> 23.5 degrees (looks like this is the new trend)

* " the end of the day I wasn't the only journalist to say the CBR1000RR was the best bike I'd ever ridden on the track"

Motorcycle Consumer News - Volume 35 - February 2004
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