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First, this is kind of a weird swap so bear with me. I got a 954rr about 10 days ago, and would really like to do alot of the work myself now that I paid my mechanic to get it running well(not that it wasn't before). Anyway, I have the service manual, which helps, but would really like to work with someone familiar with these type sportbikes and get hands on experience. Kind of like an intern or apprenticeship.

So in exchange for learning from you everything from a basic oil change on up, you would get someone to do all the menial and time consuming tasks for free. I am NOT looking to get paid, merely learn. I also do web-design and general IT in case you're in need of that. I am located in Orange County CA.

You NEED NOT be a full on mechanic, just as long as you know what your doing with these bikes. If that be the case, you could give me a call saying "Hey, I'm going to adjust the valves, come on over and see how to do it right".

If you think I could be of service to you, shoot me a PM or reply here. Thank you for considering me
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