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MV f5

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Wonder when it will be out and how much?

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Pete said:
We have no intention of making a similar mistake - as Ducati have indeed done by creating the 999 with a car silencer stuck in the seat, instead of evolving the 916 which is a landmark design in motorcycle history. They're crazy - even if we're the ones that will benefit, so I suppose I should thank them! But look why they've done it: the 999 has been built the way it is primarily with the intention of saving costs - but for this kind of motorcycle, which represents the dream of so many enthusiasts like myself to own, whether you save 300 Euros here or 20 Euros there absolutely should not come into it.

Take that Terblanche, you phuckwitted knob. *LMAO!!! *Claudio kicks ass in my book!
The MV was designed by Tamburini, who did the 916 design. He's a big believer in evolution of a revolutionary design. I think the strategy is proving itself in many ways.

The MV with the 1000CC motor is kicking ass in the performance category. In some tests, it is lapping quicker than all Japanese bikes tested on the racetrack. It has also proven quick in the hands of second tier World Superstock teams.

It creates a brand identity, when you see an MV, you have no doubt.

As Ducati learned with the 999, if you ruin a pretty design, you won't be forgiven easily.

And of course, MV is a small company, and it is a cheaper strategy...
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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