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Anyone else?
Seems to have happened to many as I have searched for it on google.

I dont know the full extent of the hijack, but most had a problem after trying to remove it.
Their computers would lock-up and such.

As for my symptoms, I would try to get online and sometime get 'server not found'.

After poking around, most a few places gave advice to remove the info. from your registry, so having XP Pro I just used a system restore from last week and the programs that had installed themselves are now gone.

There was....
1) XXXtoolbar which was in win/programs/XXXtoolbar and located in the Add/Delete Prgrms in C.panel.
2) Also there was another file under programs in Explorer, forgive me as I forgot the name, but it was under/began with a B or C.

I hope this helps someone a little anyway.

Link 1

Link 2

Knock on wood, it seems to be fine after the System Restore for last Sunday, but it seemed a little to easy to get rid of the problem, so I guess time will tell.
PS. I have poked around my system files and have not found any of the 'files' mentioned above as a way to manually check for the Trojan Horse.
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