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Hey all, just wanted to share my opinion on Cycle Gear's MegaBoost value brand batteries. I ride an 06 F4i and was having issues with getting the bike to start. Figured it was the battery (which it turned out it was), so I head over to Cycle Gear to get a new one. They talked me into buying a MegaBoost battery because for only $150 it comes with a life time warranty! Free replacement if the battery EVER goes bad. An attractive offer to be sure.

I hook it up and the bike won't crank; I used my car to jump it. I rode around for about an hour to get it good and charged. Bike starts fine the next day. After that we got some cold weather and rain so the bike sat for a few days. Would not turn over after that. I let it trickle charge over night, hooked it back up and it still will not crank. I check it with a volt meter and it's only putting out like 11 volts. PISS POOR! They sold me a brand new battery that would not hold a charge.

Fortunately they honored their warranty and took it back. Maybe since I was still within 30 days of the original purchase they let me swap it out for an OEM replacement. Of course I still owed them $20 or so for the Yuasa, but they didn't give me any hassle about replacing it.

TLDR: Don't get suckered into the lifetime warranty replacement. Bought a brand new battery and it would not hold a charge, but they were cool about it and took it back no problems.

Just thought I'd throw this out there as they recommend them but I feel they are a gamble.
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