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Hey everyone, been working on my 900rr for a bit over a year now, and thought it was time I started a little log thread up here on the forums.

A little history of the bike; is it's a 1996 cbr900rr that I got from a friend who moved away to Seattle for work. When I got it however, it had a blown motor and no title. I decided to at least break the motor open to see what the problem was, and discovered it to be blown head. There was a nasty gash where it had blown threw in the cam chain area. I thought, well, If I could get the title then I would go ahead and rebuild it. So, after tracking the previous owner down, I (by a miracle!) got the title off him!! He thought he had lost it, but it was just over at his parents house, and he took the time to go over and find it for me. It was pretty awesome of him, because he really didn't have to do it for me, but he did and he called me on my birthday of all days letting me know he had it!

So I got to work on tracking parts down on eBay, and the web. Got a used head off eBay, ordered a complete gasket set, and the head pressure checked while getting the valve stem seals installed. At the time of the rebuild, I knew that it liked to slip out of 2nd gear at any amount of throttle, however I just didn't have the funds to fix this issue. So I got everything put back together and got the bike running again. It doesn't have any body panels, so I guess you could call it street fighter, but when I first took it out I thought I was having some issues. It was losing power and stumbling at higher speeds. I then remember on a previous bike I had taken the panels off to do some work, and then took it out after without having put them back on, and it did the same thing. So I asked the forums what was the issue, and it was just too much air getting in the intake for what it was jetted for. I then pinched the rubber intake hoses shut a bit, and it runs like a god damn beast!!

Well, so much for talking, here are some pics...

As she sits now, I have the LSL Urban headlight that you can see in the last couple of pictures, and am starting a 1000rr rear end swap. The last picture is what I want it to look like when I'm done. In that pic, everything is just sitting on the bike, and not bolted down or anything. I plan on trying to use a 2004-05 cbr1000rr subframe as well, just need to figure out how i'm going to mount it.

If any 1000rr owner out there could get me a measurement of the subframes mounting locations, I would be extremely happy! I'm looking for a outside edge to outside edge measurement, and if you could do it, a rough center hole to hole center from the top 2 mounts to the bottom 2.

Well, gettin a little late, i'll post more pictures soon!
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