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One of my clients bought an MV Ago, dragged me down to his garage when he found out I was a bike nut - he showed me the certificate you get - signed by Agostini himself (This particular bike was #4 of 300)


Wow, what a nice looking bike! The whole tail section lifts and folds forward, there is gold (like real gold) badging everywhere, the detaisl Italians put into their designs is amazing. I could have spent the next week just looking at every little detail...

Sat on it, and didn't really think it was much worse than the blade in terms of position (though I feel most comfy in the race rep tuck) The seat has a velvet cover, and damnit, he only just picked it up and has not yet ridden it (too much work for Xmas) so the damn battery was too flat to start!! ARGH!!!!

But wow, what a pretty bike...

1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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