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Hi newbie from the UK here. I have read this is the forum to be on if you have a Fireblade so here I am.
My Blade is a 1994 its had a few mods over the years resulting it looking a bit 90s so it aint to everones taste. I have had my bike licence 13 years and I had a 1999 RRX back in 2002 and loved it and this current one is my second Blade. I have had other inbetween like R1s and GSXRs even had a RD350 YPVS but I would rather have an original blade.
Here is mine.

I have had this one 2 years now which is probably the longest I have kept a bike but this rides so well that I see no point in trying to find better.

I am collecting another set of farings 1 piece at a time to have painted in a more stock colour scheme to have the best of both worlds.
"She looks good man!"
1 - 2 of 46 Posts