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nc23/ nc24 hybrid?

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Hi to all. Just joined the forum. After many 'happy' hours getting my nc24 up and running, I'm thinking of doing some trackdays next year on it. Obviously there is a shortage of sticky rubber on the 16" wheel front, so I've considered fitting an nc23 17" wheel for more tyre choice. Has anyone had any experience of doing this out there?,:huh: As some nc23 wheels out there appear to have a different disc bolt pattern than others, presumably they are from different model years...
Would it be easier to fit the whole front end from an nc23, are the steering stems the same diameter?. Doing this would get rid of the anti dive system, which is on the left leg. Would this be good or bad:huh:. It seems there are 37mm and 41mm fork models as well. All opinions welcome:idunno:.
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Hi There, Thanks for your message and welcome, and sorry for the late reply, I've been away for the weekend.
My bike is an VFR400 NC24, with a standard 16" front . So I appreciate its difficult to tell whether bits from an NC23 will go straight in...its possibly going to be suck it and see, unless any one knows different.
Thanks for that, will take a further look round the site.;)

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