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First of all hi guys, yes I'm another newbie in need of enlightenment.

Ive had my 400 9yrs and it has been absolutely awesome, no problems what so ever. Until earlier this year that is.:crap:

It all started after I filled up with fuel, around 2 miles down the road had loss of power and then plumes of white smoke coming from the engine, after a 9hr ordeal with the RAC I finally got home. :idunno:
When I looked into it the fuel relay and fuse had blown and the plastic 'T' piece that divides over the two sets of carbs had a large split down it.
With the help of my mate we stripped it down and replaced the parts but when we started it up again I think the carbs were out, other than that it was running sweet.
I took it down to Silverstone the other weekend :smilebig: but on the way back I had a full loss of power, it just cut out. travelling in the third lane suddenly isn't as much fun:hmm:.
Anyway long story short, it keeps flattening the battery (not charging whilst riding) and now wont fire up at all.

Sorry fo the essay but wanted to give you the full run down..

Any thoughts would be grately appreciated.........

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Firstly, :welcome: to the site, Agent Smith. Good to have you on board.

I've got to say that I find it really hard to believe you've managed to run your NC29 for 9 years without any issues - I'm seriously impressed and shocked to say the least.

The indications you've given point to the regulator/rectifier. This quite literally regulates the voltage to the battery. This is one area where Honda is not strong.

It's basically a little black box bolted to the rear box frame under the right hand side rear fairing. You may need a Haynes service manual in order to test it. However, if yours has blown big time, you might well see a glue-like substance leaking out of it or burn marks around the connector plug.

Hope this helps :thumb:
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