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Hi everyone I need advice on a front end conversion for my 97rrv.I have searched alot of threads and I think I understand what needs to be done.First I think these are all the parts I will buy if I am forgeting anything please let me know.

954 forks
954 triple clamps
954 front wheel (I dont care about looks with the differnt # of spokes)
954 clip ons
954 axle
954 rotors
954 calipers
954 master cylinder

Once I get the parts do i just take the old parts off and just slap on the new ones?

will my lock fit onto the 954 triple clamp?

Will the 954 steering head berrings fit properly in the 900?

Will I need any speacial tools or can they be improvised(brute force and ignorance)?

What are the +/- effects of the swap?Is it even worth it?

I really appreciate any advice
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