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Need an update on the fork swap for a 98 900rr!

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Hello all, I realize this issue has been talked about numerous times but, I also realize that times change and so do parts.

I just recently purchased my old 98 900rr back to rebuild it after the person who I sold it to wrecked it. It still runs great and I actually plan on using it for a track bike.

After having spent numerous nights reading forums, doing web searches, trying to dig up the easiest way to convert over to a inverted fork and a 17" front wheel...... I am finally at a loss. Just when I think I get close, I read another article or thread that completely states the opposite.

What is the easiest route to go? Will a 1000RR front end bolt up directly if I use the Triples and the front wheel and forks? I am looking for the easiest and best route.... I am just now getting into working on my own bikes. If I don't have to shave this.. or cut that... or get parts off 5 different bikes the happier I would be.

Any suggestions?

Edit: If anyone can post a link to the most recent thread on this issue, it would be most helpful. The last one I found was over 3 years ago. Thanx.

Thanks in advance for any good advice.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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