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:welcome: to the Forum Spawn? Where are you from in Ont, I'm in Windsor. I bought an eBay set from stylechoose (thanks shodog) and was very impressed with the packaging, paint quality and fit. Fit was almost perfect and just had to clean flashing out of maybe 4 holes. I also put header wrap along the bottom of the exhaust because I heard of melting issues. So far no problems. They do come with the higher quality heat insulation as well. For $195 plus $230 for shipping, it's hard to go wrong. I also painted my wheels gold. Black just didn't do the Rothman's scheme justice I felt. Here's a pic.
I'm seriously condsidering doing up a set of bodywork in the Rothmans colors from the Mid-90's. That would be one livery that you don't see many replicas of here in the States, and the Blue, white, gold are simpply gorgeous. The only thing holding me back is that my original stock fairings are showroom condition and I love the red, black, yellow scheme. Decisions, decisions
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