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Need help finding a matching jacket/helmet

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I just bought an 05 CBR 600 and need some ideas finding a jacket and helmet that matches the bike. The bike is all black with crome wheels, aluminium frame.
I have an old black teknic jacket from my old bike but its way to much black leather for my taste. Just lookin for something to break it up alittle.
I was lookin around on ebay and found
Icon motorhead white/black
Icon crestblack silver and white
Teknic diablo black/red textile
Just wondering if anyone had any other ideas. Its hard for me to picture how the jackets and bike look together without them being side by side.
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I suggest ironpony, the have a lot of stuff. I just bought an agv 2 piece riding suit for $350.00 from them. You can find them online. Last time I was in the store I saw a sweet helmet from icon. It was black but when light hit it you could see a hidden design with skulls and such. There are a lot of things you can do with black just about any color fits well with it I prefer red and black myself. My bike and riding gear are red and black. My friend has a black on black gixer and he sticks with all black. It looks pretty good also. IMO.
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