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My son just bought a 2002 CBR600F4I from a friend. I picked up the Honda Service manual for the bike since we do the simple stuff like brakes, oil chgs, etc at home.

The former owner of the bike says he was lucky to get 120miles to the tank, but I wonder if that's true.

My son he had just filled up at 127mi and it took 3 gallons. He did say that the 4 bar low fuel indicator comes on at 120mi.

Specs say the tank is 4.76 gallons and that the low fuel indicator comes on when the tank still has around 0.97 gallons.

If true, I'd expect 160-180mi per tank, not 120. Plus other things I've read indicate 40mpg on these bikes

So is there 0.97 gallons left when the 4 bars first appear or when they all start flashing?

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