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Need help It doesnt look good

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I have a 2002 Honda 919 with about 12,000 miles on it. Today i started to let it warm up before i was gonna go for a ride, i let it run for about ten minutes when i came back there was a large puddle of coolant coming from the bike and the temp guage was pegged .I turned the bike off and started looking for a leak i couldnt tell where it was coming from so filled the bike back up with coolant and tried to start it. Now the bike just turns over it will not start. Im gonna hook a pressure tester to it tomorrow but why wont it start? Im thinking it got to hot and killed the engine but im hoping it might be something else.Any ideas anybody of what could be leaking or what other than killing the engine could of happened to keep it from stopping.:crying:
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yeah ive already tried playing with the kill switch and most of the simply stuff
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