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need rc51 gas tank

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hey guys im in desperate need of an rc51 sp2 gas tank for my bike the water drain inside mine broke and i need a whole new tank. brand new oem is 800 dollars and thats way too much so hit me up please if you have a good one that isnt dented or damaged bad.
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i have an '04 tank with one tiny dent (about 1/2") on top front, nothing that would catch your eye. i was gonna swap my plastics over from '03 to '04, but i changed my mind. i just need to buy a new '03 tank, so this will help me get there. i can send pics, let me know.
I have a near perfect 2004 RC51 Nicky Hayden tank. It has a small nick in the black lettering that has been touched up - nearly undetectable. It also has a nearly undetectable microding on the left side that you have to really look for to find. $400 plus shipping. Email [email protected].
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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