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My bud just picked up a 95 900RR :thumb: He's got some question about upgrading the body work, here is what he emailed me.

Well, I have the 95 CBR 900RR now and let me tell ya, its something else. I mean not only is it a nice bike, but the guy that sold it to me lied and ripped me off. Now i love the bike, but I didnt know i had to buy a new tank (he had a 97 tank) Doesnt fit... gave me a sub frame that said "CBR900RRT" and the one i needed was "CBR900RRS" yeah i didnt know you needed 95 frames and nothing else. People say the 95 was a weird year. ANYWAYS! I have found a Single sided swing arm on ebay. great price, prolly get outbidded but oh well.

This is what im doing.

People have 95-97 Honda CBR 900RR Custom... 95 double R with 99 double R panels. I know with some bracket configurating and some beer, any thing is possible. But what I'm asking is; has anyone tried this upgrade? will I need a 99 sub frame to hold the 99 panels along with the tail light? what about the upper fairing? I have the 99 mid fairings and the 98 lower cowl. fits great! I'm in the proccess of painting them now. I feel lost if i cant customize something. Its that feeling of when people look at her and say "WOW" then im like "Yeah whateva, I did it." lol
thanks guys, I'll post some pics once all his mods are done.
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