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hello all,

im kinda new here, watched the forum posts for a while but decided to make an account.

about me:
my name is Aron, i live in almere, a small city in Holland (the netherlands some might call it), next to Amsterdam.
i have been looking for a 954 since the day i got my license.
my instructor had 1 (getting a full/unrestricted license here is a pain and costed over 1000USD.. but thats done now)

there are just a few of these bikes around here, so... yeah, finding 1 in good condition is tough, or expensive.

i know a guy since probably september 2018, who has 1 and was willing to let it go for a good pricem and i only saw 2 facebook pictures of it,,
after a chat we decided to once meet and talk about pricing/final stuff in the beginning of summer.

long conversation made short: i bought the bike

unseen, never heared it running, saw 2 pictures on his facebook xD

its a 2002 model with about 28k miles on it (red on top and tail, black on the bottom)
it has had regulair maintenance from the honda dealership, including the valve adjustment about 700miles ago.
rides on fairly new michelin pilot power 2ct.. it has xenon headlights, and a li-ion battery.

thats all i know.. as soon as the guy visites the garage its stored in, he will make some pictures..

hope this all ends good, i REALLY love the 954, and with body (6,5 / 230pounds) its 1 of the smallest bikes i fit on xD

anyhow, thanks for having me here, and all the wonderfull information thats spread all around here, u guys are awesome.

ow yea and it needs a new exhaust / silencer, it has a 2brothers endcan without a db killer (baffle thingy) im planning on riding it during the summer to work some time when i dont want to take the car.... if the cops catch me with that, im royally screwed (400 in fines / confiscated title / mandatory technical inspection)

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Welcome! I hope you found a nice bike to ride.
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