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:thumb: A big hey, hey to all the members out there! Just joined today because I'm thinking about getting a '95 CBR900RR that's selling for $2500.00 out here in the Seattle area.
The bike needs a lower, mid lt. & rt. front fairings (and hardware to attach), front turn signals, a left bar end (missing), there's a very small tear in the middle of the passenger seat and the left case cover (alternator?) is scratched (probably from a low speed slide).
I didn't get a chance to ride it (raining, of course!) but the bike was started up cold without hesitation (w/ full choke) and only took about a minute before idling on its own (w/o choke). The bike revs "Very" crisply (better than any bike I've owned including my last bike FZ-1 w/Ivan's kit) from idle and revs down quickly w/o any hesitation (I've heard this is a good sign of the carbs being in synch).
I has 16,000 miles now and was tuned at 13,000 mi. It has a full V&H exhaust w/carbon fiber muffler, recent fr. & rr. brake pads and tires too!
How is the reliabilty of these bikes and what do you think of the price?
Any input would be much apprciated!

Poi Boy (Eddie)
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:welcome:... my '95 has been rediculously reliable* ....I've never owned a bike before that i've done so little work too:D mind you, it was well looked after by it's previous owners......

... can't comment on the price as pricing over there seems totally out of sink with what we pay in britain... but sure someone will chip in:thumb:

altho I paid £1000 for my project 900 which was a runner with damaged fairings.. and if my math is right... thats about $1600... but as i said... the prices here don't equate to what you pay in the states

*so much so I brought another one :D
Thanks alot for your response.
By the way, how long did you own the 900 (yrs?) and how many miles did you ride on it?

how long did you own the 900 (yrs?)
still got it:thumb:.... had it for 5 or 6yrs
and how many miles did you ride on it?
:hmm:.... hard to answer it changes yearly... having multiple bikes the milage gets spread out... the last year I havn't even done 1000* miles on her:crap:

*bad weather, work.. plus i mainly used my streetfighter this year:D

The 900's can be good solid bikes and last well in to 6 figure mileages - the most I have seen personally on a Blade is 98,000 miles (not my bike) but they can go way above that. There are some mileage threads on this site if you do some searching.

Things to watch out for on 900 Blades are the cam chain tensioner and the charging system (stator and reg/rec). I can't think of anything else specific.

My 98 has only done about 21,000 miles, had it 2 1/2 years and done about 12,000 miles on it in that time with no problems. It's a great bike.

Make sure you price up the cost of the parts you require and factor it in to the price, often (but not always) it works out better to buy a bike that's OK in the first place. For me it'd have to work out a LOT cheaper to buy a bike that needs work doing to it.
:welcome: Just keep changing the oil regularly. Check the coolant, change it too, once in a while.
G'day & :welcome:
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