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New RC-51 Owner Here

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Hello there fellow RC brothers (& sisters if there are any here). My name is Bobby and I am the recent and very proud owner of a 2005 RC-51. I've had an love affair w/this bike ever since it was released and finally had the chance to grab one up that was in really good shape. I've been a fan of the twin for many many years, and I've ridden many different RC's in the past, so I'm not new to the bike by any far as being familiar w/it I guess. But, like I said, I am a new owner, and hope to find a lot of helpful info on here from all of you that have had them for some time. This bike already has some aftermarket mods done to it, which is nice. But some of them are not what I would have or do want, so I'll slowly be changing them to what I want it to look like. Look forward to getting to know you all, and if allowable, hopefully being able to get together and ride w/or hang out with some time. Peace!
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Welcome to the .Org. Post some pics when you get a chance. :thumb:
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