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New Squid from Minne-SNOW-da

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No not really, I always wear full gear when I ride. ha! Anyways, I just picked up a 99' CBR 900rr on Monday, should be a good little ripper come spring. Just waiting now, sunny days on their way to melt the snow.

Not my first bike, I've been riding for about 5 years. I started on a 89' Ex500 track bike, picked up a 2001 Zx6R downed that. LOL Picked up 2001 R6 Champions Edition and sold it for my wedding. Lastly the 99' double R, It feels good to be among the bike owning crowd again!

I guess I have a few small questions that I COULD search for answers but while I have your attention here I'll just fire away.

The 99' has a 919 motor correct? What is the designation in the VIN number or motor number that makes the distinction?

Where else is the VIN number located on the bike besides the plate on the frame under the clip-ons?

What body panels are interchangeable on the different fireblade models? My 99' has a tail off of a 98(?) and its ugly as sin and pretty boxy. Is the subframe different to accommodate the earlier tail section?

After talking with the previous owner of the bike I found that it had a salvage title and the original motor may have been scrapped. It sounds like the bike was pieced together of at least two different generations. If you happen to notice something else on my bike seems off by the pictures please point it out to me. LOL

BTW, my name is Andy!

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take off right side fairing on right side of engine it should say 919cc
you could mod a newer subframe to ur bike to rid that big tail look

think its at front of bike top frame vin is stamped in

o an welcome here
I'll check out the engine tomorrow.

If you look at the pics you can see the VIN plate was removed.
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