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Hello everyone, i am new to this forum as of today...I have been a part of *********** for a while and also R6forum...I have been on a motorcycle since i was 7 and raced yz80 when i was little...moved up to cr125when i was 14...and at 17 i stopped racing due to school and work. I am 25 and i have been on a street bike for 4 years...started on the R6 and just got an 081000RR in september...never crashed yet..knock on wood..had some close calls but saved it!! I usually go to the track at least 5 times a year...I am pretty good when it comes to working on bikes and i hope i can offer some good information! I have been pulling stuff apart with my dad since i can remember...i good with dirtbike engines but not so good with the internals of sportbikes...clutches and trans is easy but when it comes to valve timing and pistons and con rods i usually leave it to my dad or a buddy of mine that owns a shop. Anyway most probably wont read this ha ha...but glad to be here and il post some pics of the bike on monday when i get home from vacation
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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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