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Newb question

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What parts from what year/model bikes are interchangeable with the 929? I've done some google and forum searching but have only come up with limited answers. I know that a lot of parts from the 954 will swap over, and I've read that wheels will swap from 04-06 (or is it 07?) 1000RR, but does anyone know offhand what other parts will swap from what other bikes either directly or with only some modification? Or is there a website that has some type of listing or search for swapable parts? Thanks for the help!

p.s. I'm asking because I'm in process of rebuilding an 01 929 and need all kinds of random parts.
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Are 954 lower triples different offset/spacing, or just a slightly different casting?

Anyone know if 1000RR triples bolt up, and if so, what differences there are?
Ok, looking at steering head bearings... 929/954 and 1000RR up through 07 all use the same bearings. Therefore, you can swap triples between all of them. It's possible that the offset and spacing between the forks is different, so you may need both, but the triples should bolt up to the frames no problem.
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