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Hey all, this is my first post on the site.

I havent actually bought a proper bike yet (I have a beater that I'm learning the roads & rules on), but plan on getting a 2005 or 2006 CBR 600 or 1000 depending on whatever I can find that is clean, cheap & available.

In the mean time, while I look for a bike I need some better gear than I have now. I only have a helmet & some non bike protection which makes me not want to ride much :s.

Below is a list of things I've picked out based on a time spent searching about the items. Unfortunately, I have seen what is available on Amazon first & then gone on to read about those things (as opposed to reading about the best peices and then going to find them).

The main reason for this is that I live in the middle east & it's much easier and practical to get as many things as possible from 1 vendor rather than spread out to many. I will spread out to many though if my current approach is actually crippling my safety. And that's where I'd like some help :)

My main needs are:
  • Buying gear that protects important areas. I've come accross alot of stuff that doesnt do this (eg. jackets that dont have elbow protectors, pants without knee pads, etc...)
  • Gear that I can change in & out of quickly at work (I wear a full suit & tie every day)
  • Supplemental gear for extended weekend riding (such as under armor)
  • I don't need riding jeans at this point, may do later & it seems jeans are very easy to get information on.
some notes:
  • I'm 6'2" 240lbs (43" waist)
  • I prefer textile over leather for the soul reason being that textile seems to come a lot baggier so it's easier to put on some underarmor under it.
  • Do not need any kind of waterproofing (dust proofing would be nice)
Having said all this, this is what I've listed down for an order next week.

Gloves (ordered). only one with more than 1 carbon kevlar piece. G66 NEW MOTORCYCLE GLOVES CARBON KEVLAR LEATHER RED: Apparel

Jacket. cant find any leather jacket with a loose fit. need it lose for the armor under it and for the belly Men's Black and Grey Armored Motorcycle Cordura Jackets - Size : 3XL: Automotive

Upperbody Underarmor (for weekends and extended riding) Thor MX Impact Rig SE Men's Roost Protector Motocross Motorcycle Body Armor - Color: Charcoal/Red, Size: 2X-Large/3X-Large: Motorhelmets Motorcycle Accessories

Boots (but i dont know how to check my US size yet, I wear Euro 44 so i'll figure it out before ordering) Sidi Vertigo Air Boots - 11.5/Black/Red: Automotive

And, for the end of a long day of riding. Royal Opulence Satin Cal King Sheet Set, Gold: Kitchen & Dining

Don't know what to get for pants, closest i've come to is this under armor, but i don't know any pants i can fit over it. Bohn Cool-Air Bodyguard Adventure Pants - XX-Large: Automotive

I've searched & read some of the reviews on the site however I havent found anything that specifically talks about pants that can easily accomodate underarmor on the legs.

Also, I hope im not being not enough/too anal about this as I really cannot find side by side comparisons on gear (comparing car parts & pc parts is certainly a lot easier).

My heart has always beaten at sports bikes but I've never stepped up to the plate. Now that I finally have, I also have 2 kids to worry about >.<

Thanks in advance for any help you may offer.

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if you wear a suit to work get an aerostich. i bought seperates for street gear and i would probably spent a lot less if i bought an aerostich roadcrafter suit. the under armor will be good only for days your not working. unless you can change out of it at work. otherwise there is tons of options out there.

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The best gear you can buy yourself is a good and reputable training course. This is by far the best thing you can do for yourself when first learning to ride. Besides that...

Every time I have been in the Middle East it is very congested and quite hot so the textile idea would probably work best for you, and no sense sweating your suit up. Something that might interest you instead of a MX body armor is the ICON body suit or upper body protector. Works great as I have seen it work, which was not fun wither way, but with it it will take a lot of issues of elbow and knees damage out of the way when using textiles as they disintegrate a lot faster than leather. The upper body protector can go over your suit jacket and under the riding jacket so it is easier to get on and off.
The boots you have picked will work great for what you are using them for also.
Good luck and have fun man, best times are on 2 wheels.
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