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:hmm: Mom? Is that you?

The point of me posting this thread is to spray the piss out of my bike and go fast and giggle as I pass Busas at 165 mph. Screw legality and danger. If nitrous is too hardcore for you, then leave the thread then do a search on "how to find your nuts". I don't need your conservative opinions, I need to go fast. I don't mean to be cocky or a jerk, I just want some straight up answers from people with experience. I would like to do this right so I DON'T kill myself so please keep the thread on topic.
no, not mom, just a concerned fellow biker. the bike is already pretty hardcore as is with the mods i've done, and can only use about 50% maybe of it's potential on the street, so just not real sure why anyone in there right mind would want to spray. i feel like you would get better answers at a stunta/dragrace site where you could ask your fellow young, dumb, and full of cum testosterone driven egomaniacs. i just don't like to see my way of life (riding), further tarnished in the public and police eyes because of jagbags racing on public streets and endangering the public. honestly could care less what happens to you when you go in in both eyes wide open, thats your problem. when you signed up you read what this site was about, so quit cryin when you don't get the answers you expect. seems you are so worried about beatin busas, you should have bought one. these bikes were designed to do everything good, not just haul ass in a straight line. i get more thrills out of knee dragin in the canyons then endangering others on the highway.

nitrous to hardcore, no just stupid. not caring about legality and danger, again stupid. no, my balls swing just fine in the land of legal lane splitting in los angeles where i ride everyday to work on the freeways and feel like a fighter pilot in a dogfight.

to each his own, but pick the right forum...
1 - 3 of 83 Posts
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