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:plus1: I agree. I would do it to my 929 if I had a power commander. If I could do it without let me know. I would run a 30 shot hide it in the trunk. sounds like a move to me. My friend had a 75 dry shot on his busa and he said it would break the tire free at 140 and smoke it...a little more than I need. He also had a VStar 1100 with two stage 40shot and a 90 shot. If he wants to throw some juice at it why not. Oh You guys must want him to stay stock like ur 1000rr

Whatever I dont want to be hated but yu guys get so off topic. He asked a question!!!. HE did say hey guys Whats ur opinion about me putting nos on my 1000RR. he asked where he can get a kit and find more info. not for your criticism. answer his damn question. I only get stirred up cuz i see it so much on this site. I love the forum and I am on it everynight but as soon as someones asks a question on come the fifth degree and YOU BETTER READ THE SITE RULES!! $hit.
This is a forum for discussion, and I do believe that we were discussing the original post. And besides, I simply asked him why anyone would want or need NOS on the street? He said that he NEEDS it. We can't even use half of our bike's potential (legally) so what's the point? I'm not calling him names, I just want to know why.
1 - 2 of 83 Posts
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