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Mine is 1997 cbr900rr.

There is no problem when I make cold start with my cbr900rr.

But, it doesn't respond at all when engine is hot, for example I drive my cbr, stop it for fuel, and press start button, but it doesn't start at all with no sign, no response from the start motor.
10~20 minutes later, however it starts fine without any problem when engine's temperature is cool down.

So, I replaced it with new starter motor, new solenoid(starter relay), and new connector, but my cbr responses same, which means my cbr doesn't start(no reponse from the start motor) when it is hot.

Abnormal Condition:
When engine is hot, my cbr doesn't respond at all with start motor, even there is no "Click" sound at solenoid(starter relay) when I press the start button, while the other electrical components like horn, lights, winkers work normal.
Is there a fail safe like a sensor to shut down the start motor in CBR900RR's electrical diagram?

Please help!
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