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For the life of me i cant find it now but somewhere in a 9 page debate someone mentioned:
manual also says only use JASO MA (not MB) rated oils and do not use API SJ rated oils as they do not work with the
fireblades slipper clutch.

Did this guy not mean do not use API SH ? or does SJ rated oil really cause clutch slippage on the fireblade?

Also i can get the following

Castrol actevo 10w40
Motul 5100. 10w 40

And honda MA 10w30

What should i get ?

The manual state no oils containing moly, castrol actevo contains 50 moly in the attached analysis yet some say they have used actevo without issues ?

Also they say full synth cause slippage but some use castrol power 1 full synth or not ?

Now a must know is that my blade is a 2005 model with 32k mikes / 50k km on it... i think it is still running on 10w30 honda oil. It it runs without issues currently.

Given the choices above
What should i use to avoid clutch slippage and for engine longevity ?

I will ride it once or twice a week.(only road riding) And do 15km - 30km highway riding 2 or 3 times per month.


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