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Hi all, so here's the intro.

started out with Direct Access course in 97, and 2 weeks later was the excited owner of a CBR600FN. 3 years, several track days and 32,000 miles later and I traded that in for a brand spanky new CBR929RRY.

That lasted 5 years before some idiot took out another rider I was over taking on a track day. that rider slid across the track taking me out and basically ending my biking days, due to a big chunk of the gear box casing breaking off.

Anyway, the bike has sat in the garage for the last 15 years and I had a half hearted attempt at fixing it, but it came to nothing...Until Lockdown...

As I'd managed to get a new gearbox casing a while ago, I decided I'd rebuild the engine, get it running and see if I could sell it.

I've now reached a bit of a dilemma. Unbelievably, after collecting dust for 15 years, the engine fired up first time. So it's at the stage I planned to get to so I could try and sell a working engine. I'm just not really sure where best to advertise it, hence signing up here.

However, the subframe was bent and it turned out also had a big crack on one of the spars, so I've replaced that and pretty much completed a full rebuild. The forks look to be a few mill out of true, so need rebuilding/straightening. I need a top/front fairing and a set of tyres and the bike, whilst being a bit scratched, looks like it'll be road worthy again.

I'm wondering what interest there is in a 20 year old scuffed blade.

cheers, Stu
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