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Hi All,

Although i am not new to the site i have not long had my CBR600 F Sport (02 Plate) Loving it.
Anyway, this post is about my father in laws CBR 900 RRV.
It go knocked over a little while back, cracked fairings etc, he has replaced the fairing and got it back on the road, nothing mechanical was broken, however...
Since this incident it intermittently wont start. He has charged the battery, checked the connections and all seems good.
The alternator is kicking out a good 15v consistently when the bike is running.
It has been stood for the last 2 weeks, he went out today, blipped the starter and it started. We rode out for an hour, pulled up for a coffee, when he went to start it again there was barely enough juice to turn the engine so it looked like the battery was flat again.
Bump started it, got it home, stopped it and again when trying to restart it nothing.
The battery checks out fine, holds charge so it would seem that something is amiss somewhere that would prevent the battery from recharging when the bike is running.
Has anyone else had this or does anyone else have any suggestions? Could it be the alarm/immobiliser?

Thanks in advance.
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