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parting out 929

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I HAVE A 2000cbr 929rr thanks for looking [email protected] this bike has been sitting in a storage shed for almost a rotors do have surface rust a lot of this is just dirty you may have to look thru the sight cause i have no idea what i was doing but they are all there . rims have scratches on the edge but does not have any dents or dings

929rr parts pictures by nathangodwin75 - Photobucket

tank w/pump $70 plus shipping
front cowl with light w/ front fender $155 plus shipping
side fairings $80 for both + shipping
tail section with seat and fiberglass hump,tail light $120 + shipping
upper and lower tripple with rim and tires,clip ons and rotor new/ michilin $275 + shipping
rims and tires front and rear michilin less than 150 miles on them and galfer rotor $600+ shipping
swingarm $35+ shipping
lower plastic $80+ shipping
2 subframs $65 for both +shipping
ecu/computer $125 free shipping
wiringharness all for $150 free shipping
brake calipers $75 free shipping
two brothers carbonfiber exhaust a little wash and looks new $125 + shipping/sold
tach/odometer around 39,000 miles $50 free shipping
zero gravity tint windscreen was new just durty fron sitting $60 free shipping
radiator $100 plus shipping

pretty sure i forgot something but just remind me and i'll let you know
or just call me some pricing negotable
706 8291511
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Re: 2000 CBR 929 PARTS

Now that my OCD comment is out of the way how much do you want to the rear rotor and the can? Is it bolt on or slip on?
Re: 2000 CBR 929 PARTS

well i put down all for $1000 u pic up or send code to ship but i guess that won't work to well on here so i will post up with prices in the morning. the can is bolt on. pm sent
Re: 2000 CBR 929 PARTS

What happened to the frame?
You don't have any parts of the engine at all?
Re: 2000 CBR 929 PARTS

no we took the motor to a mechanic to have it rebuilt but 2 months later his building got forclosed on and we lost the motor the frame on the other hand was sold to a buddy of mine.just not worth buying another motor, better to sell everything and and buy a new bike when tax season comes around and pay a couple of bills
Re: 2000 CBR 929 PARTS

well so much for selling all of it at once lolo. i will post up pics in the morning on photo bucket and give a link along with pricing. i'll go by what ebay is going for and go a couple of bucks cheaper if that is too much please don't beafraid to tell me , just in a nicer way tho.. like i said not really good at pricing cause i too am also CHEEP LOL,
Just an FYI - I bought the exhaust from him and he had it shipped out the next day. Look awesome, thanks man! :thumb:
Got mine yesterday, haven't had time to open yet but only took like 3-4 days to get here. Thanks man!
are the forks any good and willing to sell, i really need the right side
tried to edit but cant subframe tires and rims rear cowl rear brake screen tank is sold still have some parts left lt me know
i'm interested in the front cowl alone. Any pics of it? Thanks
Re: parts i do have and don't have

ok sorry i havent been getting on here to up date as often but the front cowl is pending along w/ the r/l side and belly .forks are gone i still head light is gone control switch is gone i have swing arm wire harness and front brakes.and computer/ecu alot of odds and i'll let go for 50 / free shipping swing arm 35 plus shipping the entire wiring harness with the intigress blinker box 100 free shipping and agian sorry been very busy running to post office and trying to keep up with the daily life
Do you still have the side fairings? What color are they?
is the fuel tank and swing arm still available?
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