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Please help, Ignition issues

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I have a 2007 1000RR with 13,6xx miles. I've owned the bike since new. Unfortunately due to my housing situations, I've had to keep the bike outside - but always under a cover.
Last winter I was in DC which had pretty cold winters and now I'm in Tallahassee which has had a bit more rain than I'm used too.

I don't know if weather or keeping the bike outside has caused this issue, but I thought it might be worth mentioning.

I've had 0 issues up until about 300 miles ago. Now, whenever I go to start the bike I have major issues turning the key. It got stuck in "lock" a couple times, leaving me stranded for sometimes up to 20 minutes. I don't put major pressure on the key so I won't damage it, all I know is for some reason it's not turning to "on" as it should.

I thought the issue might be the key, but both keys (second spare key was never used until this happened) perform the same. There is no external damage to the ignition or the bike, it's never been dropped.

I thought the issue might be related to just the "lock" section, but even if I leave it in "off" I still get resistance. Like I said I don't want to put more pressure than normal on the key, so often times I sit there and wiggle it around for 3-5 minutes and then all of a sudden it flips to "on" just like normal, with no resistance.

I just spent all kinds of cash on tires and new levers, so I don't have the money to take it in for $130 an hour estimates. Ugh.
Has anyone had this issue before and how was it solved??
I appreciate any replies.
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Lowlife, I haven't had that happen with my 94 900, however I have had it happen on several different bikes in the past. Typically 1 of two things happens, either the handlebars aren't turned all the way to the stop (keeping too much pressure on the locking mechanism) and the lock won't disengage (in that case, just crank the handlebars all the way to the stop, then try again)
There is some crap built up in the switch. Spray it with a little wd-40. I've done this with several different bikes, without it ever causing a problem. I'll bet that you have a little bit of corosion built up on the locking mechanism that isn't allowing the key to work properly unless you've applied PERFECT pressure on the key (and probably holding your mouth just right, while hopping on 1 leg, singing yankee doodle dandee). Just spray the wd-40 straight into the lock, then put the key in and turn it a few times and see if that doesn't help.

Hope that helps.
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I'll try the WD-40, good idea.
As far as locking the bars maybe causing the issue, this first happened when in the lock position. Since I thought it was the lock that was causing the issue, I've not locked it since (very scary in a Tallahassee apartment complex!) and it keeps happening. Sucks.
I'll try the WD tomorrow and let ya know how it goes :)
Well, Well. You're killing me, how'd it work?
you might want to check your upper triple tree as that might be causing the lock to stick..:thumb:
(maybe gotten lose)
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