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What parts are you looking to polish?
honda likes to use protective coatings on most of their aluminum parts. it varies from light paint on newer bikes to baked on clear acyclic enamles for the older bikes.

So, your first step is to remove whatever "sealer" is on the part. Glass bead blasting is about the best/easiest method I have found for any sealer but if the part is lightly painted or its a part like a foot peg bracket then a wetsand with a coarse grit works well

Once your down to bare aluminum, you will have to wetsand the surface to as smooth as you can get it. 440 grit paper is about the best starting point. Once the surface is as smooth as you can get it with the 440, step doen to like a 600. Then once you get it smooth with that move to 800, then 1000, 1500, and if you can, finish with 2000 grit. The 1500 will yeild a decent finish but the 2k is the best for obvious reasons. Which ever paper you finish with, you will want to create a grain with it. just sand back and forth in one line.

once your to this step, you can polish with any aluminum polish. ive found mother's mag and aluminum polish to yeild the best results. just rub it on till it turns black, remove and repeat till its to your liking. it shouldent take much time to get a good shine unless its a casted piece or your polishing a rougher surface. once your done with the polish make sure you whipe off all the polish, it likes to leave a residue that dulls the finish
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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