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Possible to buy a lower half of an engine case?

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i had a break in my engine case where the stator will go,i got it welded in the weld is flawless,it didnt leak as bad with liquid gasket,but when i put on a paper gasket oil just pours out,i don't get wtf is going on,is it possible to buy the lower half of the engine case? or would i have to buy it as a whole
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as far as the oil leak,i'm completely lost,oil isn't even leaking out of the weld,and it was also straight edged,it just drips out the bottom of the engine case where the stator cover meets,but,it has gasket and bolts completely fine
You really should try once again to identify where the oil leak is coming from. By your first post it sounds like in the gasket sealing area. My suggestion is get a new Honda gskt, check both surfaces carefully with a fine flat file for flatness and reassemble with a small amout of good RTV sealer on both sides of the gasket and tighten evenly.

Allow to set overnight and when you start it, be ready with a good light and mirror if needed to watch where the leak starts from, if still there. Wipe clean and check again. I'm guessing the suface isn't flat or a small hairline crack is still there. Either way you should be able to repair with sealer once you know exactly where it's coming from.
I know how you feel but be patient. You must be missing something. Everything you say sounds good but did you look under with a good light as I said to spot where the leak starts? One of the surfaces must be bad or a crack even along side the weld edge. Also all the surfaces must be spotless of any oil before using sealer. I use brake cleaner because it dries fast and doesn't leave a residue.

You are our eyes right now so make it happen FTP.
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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