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Possible to buy a lower half of an engine case?

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i had a break in my engine case where the stator will go,i got it welded in the weld is flawless,it didnt leak as bad with liquid gasket,but when i put on a paper gasket oil just pours out,i don't get wtf is going on,is it possible to buy the lower half of the engine case? or would i have to buy it as a whole
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I've always read that you can't mix and match case halves, but have never actually tried it (it's not worth the risk of it going bad after all that work and money). I don't use paper gasket anywhere on my 900RR. The head gasket and valvecover gasket are the only gaskets on my engine and it's totally leak free (I'm actually kinda anal about leaks). Try some Hondabond, I bet it will seal. That stuff is best sealer I've ever used.
When the cases are machined, there aren't all the exact same size. That's why you have to cross reference code on block to code on crank web. You might have an "A" size upper case and a "B" size lower. I'd just do what he suggested and buy complete cases on ebay. You can find them pretty cheap if you're patient. I have 3 spares for my 9RR. One set I got for 50 bucks.
Try the Hondabond with or without gasket. All you have to lose is about 8 bucks.
1 - 3 of 21 Posts
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