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Possible to buy a lower half of an engine case?

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i had a break in my engine case where the stator will go,i got it welded in the weld is flawless,it didnt leak as bad with liquid gasket,but when i put on a paper gasket oil just pours out,i don't get wtf is going on,is it possible to buy the lower half of the engine case? or would i have to buy it as a whole
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well when i bought my bike i noticed my cases are mismatched,the top looks brand spanking new and the bottom looks all old and ****
I doubt that indicates they're mismatched.
so does that mean if you go swapping the lower half the best is to rebuild and machine every thing that goes in between the upper and lower half?
No, but you must properly inspect and measure the oil clearances and gasket surfaces.
I lowsided my old 929, and thought that the only thing broke was the stator cover when i replaced it and filled with oil it poured out like a gutted pig, what happened was that the lower cracked all the way down to the swing arm pivot and there was a hole about the size of a nickle, I bought a lower case from JF Motorcycle frames(used) for $550 bucks, did a complete engine rebuild since the engine was all taken apart anyways, and the bike worke great afterwards.
I've known two 929 owners that broke their cases through the swingarm pivot in crashes.
A lower case for $550? That's a hell of a price. You could buy a complete running engine for about twice that?
Nowadays things seem to be cheaper, but back in 03 I didint think much of the price, I was glad i found one used at the time.
Have you still got the bike? How much mileage has it done since the rebuild?
naw, I sold it to a friend shortly, he rode it as a comuter untill he wrecked it in june of 06, so he tacked quite a bit on.
The bike ran strong untill then, he still has it, and swers he will bring it back to life some day.
It's good to see a good solid outcome of a case mismatch. With modern manufacturing techniques it should be more likely to work but you only need to be a couple of thou out on oil clearances for it to go bad.
And good to know I'm not the only guy that refuses to part with my bikes :)
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