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Possible to buy a lower half of an engine case?

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i had a break in my engine case where the stator will go,i got it welded in the weld is flawless,it didnt leak as bad with liquid gasket,but when i put on a paper gasket oil just pours out,i don't get wtf is going on,is it possible to buy the lower half of the engine case? or would i have to buy it as a whole
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naw, I sold it to a friend shortly, he rode it as a comuter untill he wrecked it in june of 06, so he tacked quite a bit on.
The bike ran strong untill then, he still has it, and swers he will bring it back to life some day.
It's good to see a good solid outcome of a case mismatch. With modern manufacturing techniques it should be more likely to work but you only need to be a couple of thou out on oil clearances for it to go bad.
And good to know I'm not the only guy that refuses to part with my bikes :)
21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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