FireBlade 954rr tons and tons of mods. I don’t think I covered it all. Custom HRC ram air, gsxr conversion front suspension k5-6. Brembo front and rear. Ohlin’s suspension rear. - valued at around 4500 new when bought. Carbon dynomag front and rear rims. 6k Brand new Dunlop sport maxs tires front and rear. HRC Erion transmission from Japan, HRC suspension linkage. Tuned and has quick shifter. Speedo healed, new chains, micron exhaust, tons of real carbon fiber extras. Original oem farings - European. Full HRC everything pretty much. Also carbon fiber that dropped the weight to 398 lbs wet. Pushing 167hp dyno. 7k miles. the value that is put in including msrp puts her right over likely 35-40k in parts. It won’t ever be able to be built again, im hesitent to even consider selling her. But we’re in a recession and the money is needed.