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Wanted to get rid of my brown 2010 Z1000 with 3.5k on the clock but wasn't going to accept Glass' estimate of 4.6k, which is ridiculous.

I approached Kirkcaldy Kawasaki and they wouldn't give me 5k, even though the brown was the rare colour and they'd easily make a grand on it, and when I asked them about P/Xing on a 675 Daytona, the sales bloke dropped the Glass' estimate by ****ing £200 to 4.4k, so obviously that wasn't going to happen.

I phoned Preston Superbike and the guy agreed over the phone to swap their 06 Blade (£4995) for the Z with none of this "and £250 gets you our bike" pissing about.

So I rode down, was there for about twenty minutes and left on the Blade.

As I left I told him that I'd come back to them and that's what I'll do.
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