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Hi All
Anyone who has read my threads will Know that I am new here. Also that I am looking to up my skill level in a big way.
So I thought I would post this on here.

I am looking for an unfinished project or a spares or repair/crash damaged early Fireblade. 1994 or 95 would be perfect but anything between 1992 to 1998 will be considered.
The reason I want this is, I would like a machine to practice and improve my mechanical skills on without fear of ruining my beautiful Blade (I do love her so). I know that it will be a very steep learning curve but I think that sometimes the best way to learn is just get stuck in and make your f*%kups along the way and this way when I do f*?kup I am not worried because my Blade is still there to ride whenever I want (see method in my madness). For the first time in my like I have a garage big enough to store one bike while I work on another and have a small workshop space added to the garage that I am looking to kit out (Any advice on best things to kit my workshop out with also appreciated :thumb:).
I do not have loads of money to throw at this but am happy to travel almost anywhere to get the right bike. Anyway anyone in the UK who thinks they can help me in this endeavour please post as much information as possible.
Also as I said anyone with advice on tools and kit also please let me know!!Or just tell me if you think I am mad :thumbd: LOL, all opinions welcome
Thank you all in advance
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