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Hey all.

As most know me & my bike came a cropper a while ago due to the actions of a Yaris driver (sex & hair colour obvious)

Situation looks like this at the moment:

Bike is a economic write-off
Scrap value is too high to consider further life saving attempts. Have to put the old girl down [V]
So....... lots of nice bits for sale for the savvy buyer [:D]

[blue]Ohlins Rear Shock with remote hydraulic preload adjuster (top spec)
Ohlins 0.9 kg/mm forks springs
Ohlins steering damper with black Sprint fitting kit
Carbon Fibre rear hugger
Carbon Fibre Ckutch & Alternator Casing Cover

Akrapovic Titanium End Can with Ti bolts & Carbon Fibre fixing strap
K&N air filter
Dynojet Power Commander 3 USB with custom map to suit above[/blue]

Also will have optional front wheel & brake rotors if interested

All parts are in good to excellent condition & road tested by me [8D] Needless to say they are some of the best bits you can get for the 954 Blade. They transform the bike from good to great & I will make the same sort of mods to my next bike as it necessitates.

Would like to sell EVERYTHING to 1 lucky owner so they can enjoy the benefits as I have. I will ship to OZ, NZ, UK, USA, wherever if required but I wont pay for it. I have a price in my head of [red]€1500[/red][/size=3] for the lot which I think is fair considering you would get everything together, all at once & set up to work in harmony:

Brand new: Ohlins Shock €1050
Ohlins Damper & fitting kit €600
Ohlins Fork Springs €110
Akrapovic Titanium End Can €550
Power Commander 3 USB €350
K&N Air Filter €85
Custom PC3 Map to suit €250
Carbon Fibre Rear Hugger €150

Will consider breaking up the deal if the price is fair. Am an honest guy - ask anyone on the forum who know me [:)] There's nothing wrong with the stuff...

If interest is low will Ebay the stuff piece by piece & will probably get more moolah so will see how it goes.

Contact me for more details!
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Sent you a PM. Get back to me when you get a chance about the CF stuff......... Hugger and case covers.
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