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I hate when a Honda dealer can't even get that info for you.

I was at the local Honda dealer trying to order a cooling hose leaking at the upper hose for the left radiator. He looked at the parts diagram with me and ordered the part. It came in totally wrong, different hose and was the right lower radiator hose. He told me that it was special order and I would be charged a restock fee, but then wanted to help me get the correct part and as he was walking to the computer, he asked " How many radiators does your RC51 have?" Somehow I think he messed up the order.....

He also said he had never even seen one of these bikes and had no idea tha Honda had made the RC51....but right behind his counter were he was standing was a 5 foot square poster of Duhamel leaned over racing the damn bike!!! I pointed at that poster and said "it is that one." and left before the stupidity tried to spread.
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